Group Sense manufacturing facility is located in the town of Chang’an, Donguang, China, 50 minutes driving distance from Shenzhen LoWu Railway Station. The land area of this facility occupied 66,700 meter square. Among it, 30,000 meter square has been developed. 3 factory buildings with total manufacturing area of 12,000 meter square were built and fully equipped with SMT machines, casing assembly lines, burn-in and testing facilities. Besides our own electronic manufacturing facilities, we also have touch panel manufacturing, plastic parts tooling and plastic parts injection partners in the same location to form a vertical integrated development and manufacturing environment.

The factory is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. We commit to produce superior product quality through Total Quality Management concept in all business activities. SAP ERP system is deployed to plan and manage the resources, materials and processes of factory operations. Real time production output, yield and quality are monitored and controlled through the shop floor control system.

The strength of our factory includes:

  • Vertically integrated manufacturing process for better management
  • Production line set up to support both small and high volume production
  • Flexible operation and short lead time
  • Strong commitment to quality
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