ODM Services

We have been developing and manufacturing wireless handheld devices for consumer and vertical markets since 1989. Drawing on over 30 years of experience in product development, we have helped customers create  an extensive range of innovative products through our ODM services. These include smartphone, PDA, tablet, GPS tracker, industrial modem, RFID reader,  portable scanner, smart home control terminal, etc.  Being a one-stop ODM service provider, we provide a complete end-to-end service spanning the whole product lifecycle from product planning, industrial design,  prototype development to mass production and after sales support.

Customized Solutions

We offer a full spectrum of customization services from private label branding to developing a complete new product. Our professional product development team captures your requirements and proposes the best possible solution to meet your targets on performance, cost and launch schedule. Besides operating as an ODM partner, we can also work along side with customer’s engineering team in joint development projects.  

Product Development

Our experienced engineering team works with our customers through the entire development process from platform selection, product design, prototype testing to mass production.  By involving our factory team early in the development, we ensure the product is fully optimized prior to mass production.

Scalable Production

We  provide complete manufacturing services with processes and equipment set up to support both small and high volume productions. With our own production facility, we have total control of all aspects of the production to achieve superior product quality. Any changes can also be dealt with swiftly on the shop floor.  

Product Lifecycle

We help customers select the most suitable platform to meet product lifecycle expectation. After production begins, not only we provide after sales service, but also support customers on feature enhancements, firmware upgrade, cost down projects, and component EOL solutions to extend the product lifespan.         

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