DT-10 Wall Mount


Wall Mount Cradle

Key Features

Designed for DT-10 and DT-10A tablets, the DT-10WM is a wall mount cradle that supports both wall mount and desktop applications. It locks the tablet securely in place with mechanical latches. The 75mm and 100mm screw patterns allow the cradle to mount directly onto a wall or other VESA compatible mounting accessories such as mounting pole or  swivel arm, etc.  The built-in DC jack and POE provide extra flexibility for setting up the power supply. In addition, the wall mount cradle is equipped with Ethernet feature. It helps the tablet connect to the local network even if the deployment area has no Wi-Fi coverage. By attaching the metal bracket onto the wall mount cradle, it transforms instantly the wall mount cradle into a desktop cradle.  


Wall Mount Applications

With the 75mm and 100mm screw patterns, the wall  mount cradle can easily attach to other VESA compatible accessories.


Desktop Applications

The desktop bracket converts the wall mount cradle into a desktop cradle. Adjustable screw legs can fine tune the tablet viewing angle. Besides desktop operations, the bracket screw holes also allow the bracket to mount onto other fixtures such as kitchen rack.  

desktop bracket


Tablet supportedDT-10, DT-10A
Mounting patternVESA 75mm and 100mm mounting patterns
Locking mechanismMechanical latch
Pogo pin connectorEthernet and power connections
EthernetRJ-45 connector
Power supply5.3V 2.0A adaptor or POE
POE802.3at Type 1
LED indicatorPower LED
Desktop bracketConvert wall mount cradle into desktop applications
Adjustable screw legs to adjust the tablet viewing angle
DimensionWall mount cradle: 218mm x 37mm x 265mm
Desktop bracket: 182mm x 123mm x 150mm
WeightWall mount cradle: 580g
Desktop bracket: 300g
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