System Features

Waiter Call System

Key Features

Flexible solutions

Each system supports multiple devices types (transmitters, mapping console, pagers, table buttons, table locators, take-aways, and repeaters in any combination). This enables businesses to customise the solution to meet their specific needs.

Reliable communication

Each system carries a unique system ID to prevent interference with any nearby systems. With automatic channel hopping and enhanced two-way communication protocol, the system will select the optimum frequency channel for communication.

Simple setup

Devices can be set up in a few steps. This provides a way for users to deploy the system with ease.

Waiter paging

One push of a table button, or a number entry on the transmitter, will page the waiter instantly for service with either sound or vibrating alerts.

Customer paging

With the take-away device, customers no longer have to wait at the counter or in front of a LED board. Simply page customers when their table or food is ready.

Table tracking

When customers place the table locator on a table, it notifies the transmitter of the table number; allowing food runners to deliver food to the correct table without delay. The generated performance report also helps management to adjust staffing and floor space more efficiently.

POS system integration

By integrating the waiter call system to a POS system, devices can be called directly from a POS terminal or kitchen display.

Coverage extension

Add optional repeaters to extend the system coverage. Devices can roam across transmitters and repeaters with no further setup.

Use Cases

Waiter Paging

Customer Paging

Table Tracking

POS System Integration

To automate the workflow, Mapping console can be deployed in the waiter call system. It connects the waiter call system to a POS system through LAN connectivity. This enables users to call the devices directly from a POS terminal or kitchen display. 

Device Specifications

Find out more technical information for each device, and choose the devices that suit your needs.

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