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Self Ordering Kiosk • Digital Menu • Waiter Pad

System Features
Featuring an 8-inch IPS screen, the DT-08 runs on Android 4.4 OS and is powered by Cortex A7 1.2GHz quad core processor coupled with 1GB RAM. With the support of dual band WiFi, the device is less prone to interference in deployment; while the built-in Bluetooth enables connection of peripheral devices as required.

Multi-purpose Applications
Designed for a variety of uses, the DT-08 tablet can operate as a waiter pad, self ordering kiosk, and digital menu when deployed with different cradle options. The NFC enables the development of contactless card applications.

Enhanced WiFi Performance
Reliable WiFi connection is the key for mobile devices to perform mission critical applications. The proven WiFi enhancement features in the DT series below are now introduced in the Android 4.4 OS with DT-08:

• Single SSID enforcement
• WiFi Always on enforcement
• Seamless WiFi roaming across APs
• Confi gurable WiFi roaming trigger

Optimised for Restaurants
In addition to enhanced WiFi performance, the DT-08 removes all the non-relevant features commonly found in consumer tablets. It improves the usability and minimises  field support effort with the design enhancements and software features. This includes: (i) the implementation of a User mode to limit the applications available for end users, (ii) builtin RDP clients for remote desktop applications (iii) re-location of the SD card slot and USB port to the battery compartment to prevent unauthorised access, (iv) use of charging plates to  simplify the charging mechanism and reliability, (v) backup image allowing system restore by end users, etc.

Multiple Charging Options
Multiple charging cradles, including single slot cradle, 5-slot cradle, and charging drawer, are available in order to address the needs of different restaurants. The cradle options allow table top charging, backroom charging, or even under the table charging with the charging drawer.

The DT-08 is engineered to withstand spills and impacts by conforming to IP54 rating and 1m drop test standard. This enables the DT-08 to survive accidental drops and water splash that happen in everyday use.

Security Alert
The unique security alarm sounds an alert when the device moves outside the predetermined coverage area; effectively preventing loss or theft.

          Charging Drawer                               5-slot Charging Cradle
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