About GSML

Group Sense Mobile-Tech Limited (GSML) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Group Sense (International) Limited. With headquarters in Hong Kong, GSML has R&D centres in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Dongguan for research and product development; together with production facilities in Dongguan for manufacturing.

GSML specializes in the design and manufacture of wireless communication handheld products. With experienced in-house R&D, manufacturing and quality control teams, we provide one-stop solution services to ODM/ OEM customers worldwide for a variety of vertical markets. Our services include industrial design, hardware design, mechanical design, software development, tooling fabrication, prototype verification, type approval application, and mass production.

GSML offers a wide range of wireless solutions covering 433MHz RF, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, GPS, 3G, and LTE. Over the years, we have designed and delivered products ranging from portable barcode scanner, handheld computer, eBook reader, RFID reader, paging system, to industrial modem.

In addition, GSML has developed a family of PDA, tablet, and peripherals under the brand Xplore to address the specific requirements of enterprise applications. The products are currently deployed in hospitality, retail, warehouse, and logistic industries.

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